As you know, Catacoustic Consort awards grants to musicians in the Greater Cincinnati area for the purpose of supporting and fostering Renaissance and Baroque music. How to apply, click here:

Are you a music lover who wants to help the early music community thrive in Cincinnati?

Catacoustic Consort awards up to $1000 annually to aspiring early musicians in our community.

Our primary fundraising source is an annual yard sale.

  • If you have items to donate to this worthy cause, you can receive a tax deduction.
  • We also look for volunteers to help with the sale.
  • And — of course — we need shoppers!
  • Items of special interest or value we sell on eBay throughout the year. Proceeds still go to the grants!
  • Tax deductible cash donations are also welcome! Grant donations are separate from our general fund.

Inquire at to find out how you can help bring another artist to life in our city.