Mission Statement

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Catacoustic Consort seeks to build upon and strengthen the sense of cultural and artistic identity in Ohio.

The Catacoustic Consort presents a variety of rare and exciting world-class early music

  • Catacoustic employs professional musicians trained in early music performance and historically informed techniques.
  • Catacoustic performs vocal and instrumental music. The instrumental music exclusively involves period instruments.
  • Catacoustic presents concerts of “early music.”
    • music composed before 1800
    • music performed in a way the original composers/performers intended (using period instruments, historically informed technique, understanding of the culture and history of music and original performers, understanding of language evolution, visual art, literature, societal and political changes, and a knowledge of rhetoric that gave the impetus for the art form)
    • Catacoustic may occasionally perform works of new music composed for period instruments.

The Catacoustic Consort unifies the arts and humanities through musical events in a nurturing and educational environment for the participants.

  • Catacoustic presents concert talks and provides detailed program notes.
  • Catacoustic elevates the audience into active participation and promotes discussion and the exchange of ideas long after the program has concluded.

The Catacoustic Consort creates an environment that contributes to encouraging the retention and attraction of professionals – both in musical and business communities of Ohio.

  • Catacoustic enriches and improves the lives of people by offering stimulating and inspiring programs.
  • Catacoustic enhances the local arts community by offering diversity of program choice.
  • Catacoustic fulfills a need for historically informed performance of early music in the local arts community.
  • Catacoustic enhances the cultural reputation of Cincinnati by participating in concert series and music festivals in other cities across the country and the world.