Catacoustic Consort is very  proud of our grants, awarded annually to musicians in the Greater Cincinnati area for the purpose of supporting and fostering Renaissance and Baroque music.

We are equally pleased to present “Where Are They Now?”, with individual updates on our grant winners, as well as specific articles about what the winners accomplished.

Report from 6th Catacoustic Grant Winner, Shelby Mass

The 2016 winner of Catacoustic’s Early Music Grant was Shelby Mass. 

Shelby is currently a senior at Miami University, majoring in violin performance and Italian. Her hope is to continue on to graduate school and specialize in Baroque performance.

She has attended Baroque performance workshops both in the US and in Europe. Her biggest need when she applied for the grant?  A Baroque bow!  Here is her report: … (read more)

Report from 5th Catacoustic Grant Winner, Nelson Velez

I had studied Natural Horn at IU Bloomington’s Early Music Institute from 1996-1999, but my career took me away from music. My passion has never left me, though, and the Catacoustic Grant has helped push me forward again. … (read more)


Catacoustic Early Music Grant Winners — Where Are They Now? (Years 1-4)

This spring Catacoustic will award its 5th Annual Early Music Grant. Here’s a check in with our past award winners: Way back in 2011, our first winner was Elizabeth Motter. An accomplished professional harpist, Elizabeth was interested in taking on the Baroque triple harp. It turns out the difference between a modern pedal harp and the Baroque triple harp is substantial. She began her journey at the Accademia d’Amore in Seattle, courtesy of the Catacoustic grant. Since then she has attended… (read more)


Report from 4th Catacoustic Grant Winners, Stephen Goist & Cole Guillien

In 2014 Catacoustic was fortunate enough to be able to award two grants, to two young music students to purchase their own viols. Here’s what both of them have been up to this past year. … (read more)


 Report from 3rd Catacoustic Grant Winner, Michael Zaret

MZportraitMany years ago (like back in the late 1970s), I was deeply involved in Early Music performance. Five students at CCM formed an ensemble, Musica Camerata. During our five years as a group we performed numerous concerts from New York to Florida, and Philadelphia west to Texas, including a stop in St. Paul to play on “Prairie Home Companion” and “Baroque and Beyond.”… (read more)


Report from 2nd Catacoustic Grant Winner, Micah Fusselman


I’m very happy to report the completion of my viola da gamba purchasing project! I am now the proud owner of a 7-string bass viol by John Pringle, with a good bow and case. Good thing it’s here; … (read more)


Report from 1st Catacoustic Grant Winner, Elizabeth Motter, on Attending Seattle’s Accademia d’Amore

DSC05332Thanks to a generous grant from Catacoustic Consort, I was able to attend a baroque opera workshop in Seattle called Accademia d’Amore. Stephen Stubbs is the Artistic and Musical Director, and his wife, Maxine, is an outstanding triple harp player… (read more)